One of America’s most notoriously haunted houses is on the market, and this quaint little farmhouse in Burrillville, Rhode Island could conjure up some great opportunities for those interested in the paranormal.

The house located at 1677 Round Top Road in the village of Harrisville was made famous by the 2013 horror blockbuster The Conjuring – not as the house featured in the film, but the actual real-life haunted house where the Perron family endured nearly a decade of intense paranormal activity in the 1970s.

The farmhouse was sold just a little over two years ago at a price of $440,000; now, because of how much the current owners have turned it into a paranormal business, the asking price is $1.2 million. There are people lined up to visit and investigate the home – at $125 per person, with a minimum of six people – through the next year and beyond.

“Owning the Conjuring House the last two years has been a life-changing event for us,” said Jennifer Heinzen, who bought the house along with her husband Cory back in June of 2019. “We have done and accomplished way more than we expected, in a good way. Things here are not always rays of sunshine; I always say it’s an emotional roller coaster with its ups and downs. We have met some great people along the way.”

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The husband-and-wife paranormal investigators purchased the house from former owner Norma Sutcliffe, who was often at odds with the paranormal researchers interested in her home, as well as with the Perron family themselves, especially following the release of The Conjuring. The hit horror film spawned two direct sequels and an entire film universe, making it perhaps America's most famous haunted house since The Amityville Horror.

After purchasing the property, the Heinzens opened it up for paranormal investigation and for television productions, including Travel Channel’s hit series Ghost Adventures and Kindred Spirits, the latter of which brought the Perron family back to the farmhouse, some of whom hadn’t stepped foot on the property since originally moving out decades prior.

Jennifer Heinzen said it is out of necessity that they need to sell, as a family health issue will keep them from being able to give the house the time and love it needs.

“There are many reasons we have decided to put it on the market, one of which is Cory’s health,” she said. “We’ve been putting a lot of things aside, but now it’s time to take care of him.”

She said the new asking price, while double what they paid, is more than just a reflection of the current increase in home prices in this seller’s market; it’s indicative of how much the house is now on the paranormal map.

“Honestly, the price for the listing of the house was the realtor’s suggestion,” she said. “Based off the great business we have created, we think the potential buyers will do well.”

The three-bedroom, 1.5-bath home has a total of 3,109 square feet in the main house, which is comprised of a total of 14 rooms. It sits on 8.5 acres of land, along with sheds and a barn. But it’s not just what you can physically see at this location that encompasses all that you are buying. Andrea Perron, who wrote the House of Darkness, House of Light book trilogy about her family’s experiences in the home, has referred to it as “a portal cleverly disguised as a farmhouse.” That means you can count on plenty of roommates, even if you decide to live there all alone.

“We have experienced so many paranormal things here,” Heinzen said. “Everything from objects moving, doors opening and closing, being touched/scratched, full body apparition, black shadows, weird light anomalies, to great spirit box and EVP sessions.”

Heinzen also said that while she fully expected to find ghosts, she wasn’t expecting the impact they would have on her and her family.

“What surprised me most about this house is its ability to play off one’s emotions,” she said. “Andrea has always told us from day one to never fight inside the house, and I can see why. Whatever is here is very intelligent.”

Becoming the first owners of the legendary Conjuring House to allow outsiders in to investigate was going to be a challenge, because nobody was really sure how it was going to go – especially the Heinzens.

“We bought this house hoping to share it with the world, and I feel like we have done a great job starting that,” she said. “As investigators, I also feel like we had hopes and expectations of getting some answers to all the mysteries that surround this house, which I feel like we ended up with more questions.”

Although those questions remain unanswered, the Heinzens themselves will be stepping away from the paranormal world for a bit.

“We are not really sure what the future holds for us, but for now I think we will be taking a mental break from the paranormal for a bit to regroup,” Heinzen said.

But she also has an idea of who she would like to see purchase the farmhouse.

“I am looking for the ideal person to take over what we started,” she said. “I’m looking for someone who is just as interested in the paranormal as we are, and who will give this house everything it deserves: love, care and maintenance. I hate to say it, but I am going to be very picky.”

Burrillville, Rhode Island's Haunted 'Conjuring House' Is Now on the Market

Take a look inside the farmhouse at 1677 Round Top Road in Burrillville, Rhode Island (in the village of Harrisville), the home made famous by the 2013 horror blockbuster The Conjuring. This is the actual home where the Perron family lived and experienced ghostly activity in the 1970s, and their story was adapted for the film that gave birth to a horror universe. Now, you can own it for yourself for $1.2 million – ghosts included.

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