Being a proud owner of the Iphone 4, but more importantly... being the proud owner of the Iphone 4 for over a year is quite a task in itself.

The latest and greatest Iphone 5 is coming out, but Apple refuses to throw us a bone and tell us when the release date will be, so all NON Iphoner's can purchase the 4 when the 5 comes out at a much lower cost.

What does the 5 do that the 4 wont? That remains a mystery. But over at the latest Iphone cases have been made available for the Iphone 4 that resemble a ear. EARONIC is the name of their case and there are 5 different cases to choose from. Ranging from "traditional" to "piercing pagoda" The case will run your pocket book about $20, and you will have to wait 3 weeks for delivery.

Creepy? Yes.

Original? You bet your sweet.....