I fall for these dumb reality shows hook, line and sinker, but this one may truly be a sinker indeed. A new reality show called "Splash" premieres tonight, and Celebrities...cough, cough... somewhat famous people are learning how to dive!

Now for anyone who has dove off a board it can be a somewhat scary experience, then you bring in platforms and it is a whole new ball game. A few of the contestants are athletes or former pro athletes, but none of them are divers.

I cannot even imagine being this hard up for cash to be on this show, talk about dangerous. I am a strong swimmer and love the water, but diving, not so much. Even when I was a kid I usually ended up doing a belly flop.....ouch.

Louie Anderson is one of the contestants and at over 400 pounds he is in serious risk of hurting himself when he hits the water. Hats off to all the contestants, and I'm sure I will be tuning in just out of pure curiosity.