One Tumblr and Instagramer took pictures of famous celebrities and made them ginger including Mark Wahlberg, Anna Kendrick and even the cast of 'Friends'.

Putarangonit posts pictures to their Tumblr and Instagram pages of celebrities turned gingers and I had to take a look to see how these famous people would look like with my kind of hair.

It's all good vibrations for Mark Wahlberg as he actually looks like he'd fit in with the gingers showing off those pale looking muscles. There's a little too many freckles going on, but overall not too bad. I wonder if his acting, modeling, and music career would have been different if he was born redheaded.

Next up is the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. I don't know if it's just a bad picture in general or if she just wouldn't look good as a ging. Whatever the case, I think she'll be happy she wasn't born with the golden orange hair.

One of my favorite current actresses, Anna Kendrick who is in almost everything these days. I think she can make anything look good and the 'Pitch Perfect' star looks aca-awesome as a freckle face beauty.

Wowza, Christopher Walken looks like he could be my redheaded grandfather. With Walken's crazy antics, he would fit perfectly in with the ginger family. Now I really wish he was my grandpa, the stories I would have.

And lastly, the cast of 'Friends'. Clearly the group of New York friends would be an even bigger hit if they were all gingerlicious. They actually all kind of fit as redheads with the exception of Ross and Monica. Maybe because of they normal have darker and red just doesn't work.

Overall I had a good laugh with all the possible ginger celebrities. Some of them I thought were overdone with freckles, but I definitely enjoyed it and thought this was a great idea! Let me know what you think of famous celebrities being gingers in the comments below.

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