This guy playing miniature golf is having maximum fun.

Redditor dangermoth is busy spending his summer going to all 50 states, playing mini golf at the most popular and highest-rated course.

And since we live in a time where everything is documented, dangermoth -- real name Dan Caprera -- is sharing his adventures on Imgur, where you can read about his experience straight from the horse's clown's mouth:

You gotta love how Caprera is soaking in the summer in such an amazingly creative way. Everyone loves mini golf and trying to time your shot so you get it through the windmill is about as much a part of summer as waiting on line at the pool to buy an overpriced ice cream sandwich.

Of course, we don't envy him when he gets stuck behind the family with three kids -- one who throws a temper tantrum on every single hole because he can't get the ball to stay on the green, one who's always on the wrong hole and one who's constantly missing the ball every time he swings because he's more focused on trying to pick his nose while he holds the club.

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