According to WDIO for those of you who would like the convenience of your groceries delivered right to your door, that will soon be a reality for residents in Duluth. Cub is hoping to have the service starting on April 26th.

You can order your items through the Cub Foods website, where then  a small fee of $5.99 is applied for groceries $35.00 and up, but a higher fee for groceries costing less than that. Then you will have a personal shopper that will pick out all your items you ordered and deliver them to your home that day.

Cub has been doing this in the Twin Cities for a while and it has worked out well, so now they are using that same personal shopper company for Duluth. No word yet on where in Duluth the delivery area will be set up, but I for one would be all over it, I hate grocery shopping with a passion.

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