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When "Hoff" was in his prime, the "Hoff" was in his prime. Driving around a jet black car, diving of a speeding boat to save lives on the beach, then... The carnival ride came to a halt as if some rotten kid pulled the plug out of the wall. He's been Roasted, Extremely TOASTED, and now the "Hoff" is burnt to a crisp. Fired again from Britain's Got Talent.

Can someone get him a bottle of anything, a cheese burger, a bathroom floor, and his daughter to video tape him again?.... Please.

David Hasselhoff is a confused old drunk who has no business being in front of a camera, but he has a kind of kitschy charm, so he still gets TV jobs even though he was fired from “America’s Got Talent,” canceled by A&E, and booted off of “Dancing withe the Stars” before The Situation and Margaret Cho. Well, we can now add “Britain’s Got Talent” to that list of failures, because the show has let him go.

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