Dissing his record label publicly, being surpassed as the No. 1 celeb on Twitter, storming off stage after getting hit with a bottle, being busted leaving a brothel -- it's safe to say it's not been a great week for Justin Bieber.

But the 'Bad Day' singer didn't let that fact stop him from reaching out to ease the pain of another celebrity. Biebs sent some heartfelt advice via Twitter to David Hasselhoff, of all people, after the 'Baywatch' actor complained about a report saying he had a thing for -- wait for it -- cheese!

Yes, this is all real, and no, today isn't April Fool's Day (we checked).

Looking at the
original link, no one would think the cheese story true, but Justin took the time to reach out nevertheless, listing some of the crazy things written about him in the media:

We're guessing Hasselhoff loved it, as he retweeted Biebs' tweets. We love it, too, because random!

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