While the world continues to try and wrap around its collective head around Corey Feldman’s music video that may be the worst thing in the history of history, David Hasselhoff has come around to show us some celebrities can actually be quite cheeky.

The Hoff appears in a new commercial in which he hawks iced coffee for Cumberland Farms convenience store. And because he's David Hasselhoff, you just know it's good stuff. The commercial, that is. We can't speak for the coffee.

And unlike Feldman’s non-sensical video, Hasselhoff is clearly having a good time in what is essentially nothing more than campy fun when he belts out that he's "so thirsty for your love he can't hide it." Heck, it makes us want to grab some iced java right now before heading over to eBay to find some German fella who’s selling the Hoff’s greatest hits on CD.

Because, truthfully, we're so thirsty for more Hasselhoff that we can't hide it, either.

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