I have got my fair share of the law, I've even been patted down in a way I'm glad it was a female officer ;), but for Rapper/Actor DMX he is suing for harassment. 100mph in a 65 zone? He was driving in excess of 90mph, but claims he was only doing 85.

I'm sure this is how the traffic stop went...

Officer: Sir I pulled you over for doing 85 in a 65 mph zone.

DMX: I'm used to driving fast, I'm a New Yorker, I constantly look at the speedometer when I'm driving...I need to make sure I don't drive too fast.

Officer: The speed limit is marked 65, so I'm going to give you a ticket. If you have any questions or if you want to plead "Not Guilty" please contact the 800 number on the back of this citation. Have a good night, and drive safe.


Kramer: "Stop! Drop! Shut Em Down Open Up Shop, Oooh Noooo, Ya Gotta Start Driving Slooooooow!


Rapper DMX is threatening to sue cops for harassment after he was arrested for speeding earlier this week.

The hip-hop star, real name Earl Simmons, was pulled over in Arizona on Wednesday and accused of travelling at more than 100 miles per-hour in a 65 miles-per-hour zone.

He is adamant he was driving at a maximum of 90 miles-per-hour - and now he's vowed to launch legal action against officers for harassment.

via DMX: 'I Plan On Suing For Harassment' - Starpulse.com.