The DTA will be making a few changes to their operations soon and it could impact your commute. The changes will take place on Tuesday, October 13th.

According to the DTA, they will soon offer reduced service. The changes "reflect a current shortage of drivers and the desire to provide reliable service on the remaining routes" over the course of the next few months.

The DTA says there are alternative routes that residents can take should their usual route be suspended. Here is a list of the routes that will be suspended come the 13th and their alternatives to get to your destination:

  • Route #4 in West Duluth
    • This service will be available on routes 1 through 3
  • Route #15 in Park Point
    • Residents can use the dial-a-ride service / on-demand service by calling 218-722-7283
  • Route #18 in Duluth Heights
    • Residents can use the UMD Boulder Ridge shuttle
  • Route #23 UMD Circulator
    • Service will be available on routes 6, 11 and 13
  • Route #25 Downtown Circulator
    • Service will be available on several downtown routes
  • The outbound "From Downtown" route 10E at 5:40 p.m. weekdays

It should be noted that the changes do not impact STRIDE paratransit service.

In regards to how long these changes will last for, the Duluth Transit Authority says "the duration of these cancellations is unknown at this time." All other routes will run as normal.

In August, the DTA temporarily suspended a few routes as well. More recently, the DTA brought back its standard passenger fare. On October 1st, they began requiring fares to ride the bus once again, after about six months of free rides for passengers. They were able to install plexiglass to make it a more safe environment for people to pay for both the driver and the passenger.

We will keep you updated when it is announced how long these changes will last.

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