Congratulations going out to new Mom Lucy and her record 16 puppies! Wow, that is a lot of little baby pups. Colette Wolfe Dickmeyer of Wolf Den Retrievers has been breeding dogs for 30 years and has never had a dog have this big of a littler before.

Lucy who is a first time mom usually have rather small litters but not this time and Dickmeyer said she was " just blown away." She thinks Lucy's large frame might have been a factor but she is nit really sure. The average Labrador litter is seven puppies.

Both Lucy and Teddy the father of the puppies both have a reddish coat and Dickmeyer referred to the night all the puppies were born as "The Red Storm" because more and more puppies kept coming. Wolf Den Retrievers also offers training and is conveniently located just 7 miles from Downtown Duluth.

Dickmeyer said to WDIO:

I couldn't believe it. She started and it just kept one after the other. She started at about 7 at night. She stopped at about 5 in the morning. Or I thought she stopped. And then by 11 o'clock, she had gone to 16.

The Wolf Den Retrievers pups are American Pointer Labradors and will make great hunting dogs with proper training. Unfortunately two of the puppies did not make it but of the 14 that have survived all but two of the puppies are already spoken for. If you are interested in one of the puppies or would like more information check out their website.

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