Every year, Harry Welty builds a snow sculpture in his front yard off the corner of 21st Avenue East and 4th Street. Welty often constructs something topical, whether it be a bulldog to celebrate the UMD Bulldogs, a yellow submarine after Beatles member George Harrison's death, and this year a Donald Trump sculpture.

Using snow from the last two snow storms Duluth saw, Welty constructed a sculpture that depicted President Donald Trump as Baby New Year, holding a top hat and sporting a bowtie, diaper, and 2019 sash. Apparently someone didn't approve of the sculpture, as it looks like the head was knocked off the body of the sculpture not long after it was constructed. If you didn't see the sculpture before the head was detached, you can see a photo below.

The Duluth News Tribune reports that Welty has constructed a Trump sculpture twice, with the other time being in 2016. The earlier sculpture depicted Trump's head wearing a tiara to signify his involvement in beauty pageants. He told the DNT that the 2016 sculpture was a little more difficult to decipher as Trump, due to the tiara covering his hair.

For the 2018/2019 sculpture, he explained to the News Tribune that he put extra effort into giving him "a glorious Cheeto-like color with his wonderful golden-dyed hair" as you can see in the photo. He also explained to the DNT that the sculpture and the various elements of it are "all intended to be pretty obvious statements", and admitted that he only gave the sculpture "about a 50-50 chance to make it to New Year's Day" before something happened to it.

Welty started the tradition back in 1987, when his daughter was sledding down the hill in the family's front yard and asked her dad to make a snow dinosaur. He said it "looked like an iguana with an overbite", but the tradition carried on over the years.

Other sculptures that Welty has constructed have included an Alice in Wonderland scene, a tribute to those lost in the Sandy Hook School ShootingThe Grinch with a "Make Whoville Great Again" sign, a snow serpent, snow castle, Mount Rushmore, King Kong, Charlie Brown (tribute to Charles Schultz after his death), and Bill Clinton playing a saxophone. You can see photos of some of these sculptures here.

There is no word on whether or not Welty plans to fix this year's decapitated Trump sculpture.

Harry Welty's 2019 Trump Snow Sculpture


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