Both Duluth Edison Charter Schools Raleigh Academy and North Star Academy will be offering a new blended learning program starting next school year.  This option will not be available for all students just grades 6-8. For students all over the country students and teacher had to adjust to conducting school from home and some schools had a few days where students would attend in person.

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Starting next fall the 6th-8th grade students will be offered the option of being onsite 1 day a week and participate from home 4 days a week with programming specifically designed for each individual student driven by their specific interests. I think that this is really important to have this be an option and not the standard. I have many friends who have said that their kids were miserable being home from school and some of them have fallen behind in their school work. But then I am sure some kids thrived and enjoyed this type of schooling.

A representative form the school said:

We know there isn’t one model of school that really fits all students well, and so we want to be able to give an opportunity for students…on the traditional model might not be the best fit, gives them another option to be successful in school as well.

Applications will be accepted for consideration for this new program based on space availability and there will be a lottery in the first week of March. For more information visit

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