The Duluth Flag Project has announced it's finalists for flag designs. The project was initiated to help design a new recognizable and inclusive flag for the city. The 9 finalists now can be voted on to pick the winner.

This project started back at the beginning of the year. There was originally 41 semifinalists, and through the voting process it has been narrowed down to these nine. You can visit the link below to go to the survey site where you are asked to rate the flags on a scale from 1 to 5. A winner will then be tabulated. Voting is open from May 23rd until June 21st.


UPDATE: After the flag designs were introduced to the public, several plagerism accusations have come forward with 2 of the flag designs looking similar to other designs that had been previously submitted in other competitions in a Minnesota & Detroit competition. Here's more on that from the Duluth News Tribune.



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