While there is already well-documented photographic evidence that Duluth is a hotbed for bad parking jobs, drivers in the city also apparently aren't the best behind the wheel on the road either. In a list compiled by "Only In Your State" that examines the number of car accidents in towns around the state, Duluth and Grand Rapids both show up among the top 15 worst in Minnesota.

Leading the list with the worst drivers in Minnesota is Twin Cities suburb Arden Hills, where 1 in 24 people were involved in a car accident in 2014. Duluth sits at 13th worst, where 1 in 34 people were in an accident last year. Grand Rapids comes in tied for 15th worst, neck-and-neck with Brooklyn Center. Both of these towns saw 1 in 44 people involved in an accident last year.

Obviously the more people there are on a roadway in an area (i.e. bigger towns/popular roads), the greater the odds of an accident occurring. With Duluth being the 4th biggest city in Minnesota by population, it's actually kind of amazing we rank as low as 13 on the list of accident-prone cities. One might even make the argument that we're better drivers here than this list might suggest!

Towns with the Worst Drivers in Minnesota

  1. Arden Hills
  2. Wayzata
  3. Waite Park
  4. St. Cloud
  5. Minneapolis
  6. Anoka
  7. Golden Valley (tied for 7)
  8. Little Canada (tied for 7)
  9. St. Paul (tied for 9)
  10. Brainerd (tied for 9)
  11. Medina
  12. Mankato
  13. Duluth
  14. White Bear Lake
  15. Grand Rapids (tied for 15)
  16. Brooklyn Center (tied for 15)

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