When driving around the Northland you just never know what you'll encounter and when something stands out from the norm, sometimes you have to capture the moment.

This happened to me while driving around to run errands on Monday, January 31. I decided to get gas and happened to be driving by the Duluth Kwik Trip located at 6516 Grand Avenue, which is near the Lake Superior Zoo.

Now, we all know the current political climate is intense and a current hot topic is inflation. I'm assuming everyone can agree that getting inflation under control is important. One only needs to get gas anywhere in the Northland to know that prices have gone up and many fear that trend will continue before it gets any better.

According to a recent piece in Newsweek, President Joe Biden realizes that tackling inflation is a top priority, especially after seeing how tired Americans are growing of it:

Recent polls show that voters are growing more concerned about inflation and less concerned about the pandemic. They also show that voters expect prices to keep rising and, most importantly for the White House, they blame these rising prices on the president.

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One doesn't have to read their news source to understand the frustration that is out there. In fact, all you have to do is get gas at the Kwik Trip that I visited on Monday night.

As I was pulling up to the pump I noticed there was a sticker on the pump, just to the right of the screen. As I got out of my truck, it became very clear what the point of it was. Someone trying to get a laugh from others had used their time waiting for their vehicle to fill up to sneak a sticker on the pump.

Someone with a sense of humor stopped by Kwik Trip.
Kwik Trip on Grand Avenue in Duluth.

I have no idea how long that has been on the pump, but nobody as of yet has been in a hurry to remove it. It was there as of 7:30 p.m. on January 31 and I'm guessing whoever did this may be on somewhat of a mission. Have you seen this sticker placed on other Northland gas pumps?

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