When I was in College at Winona State which has a very strong nursing program, I know for one I was not envious of the work load and giant books they had to purchase each semester. It is not an easy program to get through by any means and requires quite a bit of dedication. With that said, it can be a very rewarding career that is always in high demand all over the country.

We are fortunate to have such fine medical services here in the Twin Ports and in the state of Minnesota in general , a big part of that is because of nurses. Student Loan Hero recently did a survey regarding student loans and best small cities for these new nurses to start their careers.

Some of the initial criteria was these three questions?

  • What annual salary can a nurse expect to earn?
  • How much demand is there for nurses?
  • How far will a nurse’s salary go when paying for goods and services?

This was done along with three Data Points from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to formulate the answers from those three questions. The results were Duluth Mn landing at #7 out of 10.

The average salary for a nurse in Duluth is $66,780, with a location quotient of 1.6 with the aveage in the nation being 1.0 nurses are in higher demand in this area than the national average along with the cost of living being slightly lower than the national average.

Also in Minnesota the state .offers repayment assistance of up to $20,000 over four years to nurses who work at least two years in a nursing home which is part of the Minnesota Health Care Loan Forgiveness Program. And congratulations to Eau Claire Wisconsin which came in at #10.


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