We all remember the freedom you had as a kid hopping on your bike and heading off with your friends. But for some kids, this is an added expense their parents just can't afford.

But, thanks to a great guy, Tom Baublitz as long as he has bikes to fix, kids have access to a free bike that is all their own. Baublitz has a passion for bikes and fixing them as well. He combs garage sales and junkyards and fixes them up to give away for free.

Baublitz who lives at Zenith Terrace noticed how many of the kids in the building did not have bikes, and so this gave him the idea. So next time you have an old bike you want to get rid of I am sure he would be happy to take it off your hands. He has also said that he would love to hand out helmets with bikes, but does not have the means to do so.

What a great thing to be offered to kids in our community, making their lives a little brighter and bringing the community together!