Bob Bagley of Duluth has a vision, converting an old church that was for sale and turning into a restaurant. Bagley purchased Bethany Lutheran Church and the building next to it in Lincoln Park and with the approval of 2 separate permits he is ready to start planning and moving forward.

The new place will be called Church Restaurant and will also have a garden next door to use for fresh ingredients in the restaurant and possibly a farmers market in the area as well. Some parts of the church will remain, he plans on using the pews as table booths and the top of a bar.

Bagley said "he’s particularly excited about it being a gathering space for the community. As the church was for it’s first 120 years it was a gathering place for the community and that’s what we want to turn it into again, just a different gathering place for the community,”

Right now Bob and his brother need to clear out the old church before any actual construction can begin and he is hoping the restaurant will be open for business in about a year. For more on this story Click Here

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