A terrific event returns to Duluth this weekend when the Duluth Oktoberfestival kicks off on Friday, September 17 and runs through Sunday, September 19.

It's a weekend full of fun that takes a lot of people working at the event and unfortunately organizers have found themselves in desperate need of volunteers each day due to an unexpected turn of events.

Organizers reached out Tuesday evening asking for help. "We had a group withdraw today due to an unexpected conflict which has put us in a real bind, and we are short about 20 volunteers each day so we are hopeful there might be some individuals or groups that might be willing to step up and help,” said organizer Ryan Kern.  “We have day and evening shifts, and each shift is only about 4 hours."

As Kern states, each shift is only about 4 hours and all volunteers who sign up will receive a general admission ticket to the event which can be used any day of the festival. So, you could work a little and play a lot with that free ticket.

If you can help out, click on the link above to sign up.

The Duluth Oktoberfestival had a very successful inaugural year in 2019 before having to take the year off due to the pandemic in 2020. Now it's back and ready to continue its mission:

The Oktoberfestival is a commemoration of all things German, based on the traditional München Oktoberfest. Our mission is to produce a world-class Bavarian celebration on the shores of Lake Superior while utilizing the beauty of the Bayfront Festival Park.

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Things get underway Friday, September 17 at 3:00 p.m. with a processional that begins at the Canal Park Lodge and ends at Bayfront Festival Park where they will tap the Golden Keg and kickoff the event.

The public is invited to walk in the processional wearing their best Octoberfestival gear and drinking beer is encouraged. Gates officially open Friday at 4:00 p.m.

The weekend features authentic German beer, food and music, including Grammy nominated artist, The Alex Meixner Band. It will be a fun weekend in Duluth and if you can volunteer, even better.

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