Do you know this man? If you do, you can help the Duluth Police Department.

The Duluth Police Department is asking for the public's help identifying a man in a photo, which they shared on their Facebook page. As of early Monday (July 19th), they need the public's assistance in figuring out who it is and for a very serious reason.

According to their post, the man in the photos is involved in "a robbery with a weapon" in the area. The crime occurred on July 14th of this year at a Kwik Trip store, which is located on the corner of Michigan Street and 27th Avenue West in Duluth.

They didn't give many details on the crime, like what time it occurred at or if anyone was hurt.

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The photo is a little blurry but you can still make out the man's face. In the photo, he is wearing a black and grey shirt with short sleeves and some sort of logo on the front. It also looks as though he is carrying a backpack of some sort.

In the photo provided, he also has his hands full with various items. The photo is clear enough that someone who knows or is associated with this person will be able to tell it is him. In the photo, he also has something in his mouth and is looking off to the side.

If you do recognize this man, you are asked to reach out to the Violent Crimes Task Force. You can do so at 218-730-5050. We will keep our eye on the case and let you know if there are any updates in the coming days or if he is identified.

In other cases like these, the Duluth Police Department has asked the public not to comment the name of the man if you do know it on the post itself. They also have noted in cases like this not to assume someone is guilty. They may just want to talk to the person in said photos because they know something that could help the case.

Recently, the Duluth Police Department issued a High-Risk Predatory Offender notification because a sex offender moved into the area. The offender moved into the 200 block of North 22nd Avenue West in Duluth.

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