Do you have something to say? The Duluth Police Department wants to hear it.

Speaking of the Duluth Police Department, they shared a warning to residents recently. Just a few days ago, they warned those in the Duluth area of a new phone scam that was circulating the area.

How does the scam work? According to the Duluth Police Department, someone gets a phone call from a scammer posing as an officer. The scammer scares the person on the other end of the line by claiming that they need to send them a Venmo or a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

They also recently welcomed their first mother-daughter police duo which is absolutely amazing! This is an unusual but pretty cool situation. The swearing-in ceremony was streamed online so people could tune in.

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After an eventful start to the year, the Duluth Police Department is now asking for community input. According to a press release, the Duluth Police Department wants to know two different things from Duluthians:

  • If they've had an experience with an officer at the Duluth Police Department
  • How safe Duluthians feel in everyday life

The survey is quick to take clocking in at just nine questions. Chief Mike Tusken says that the purpose of the survey is to obviously get feedback but also to see how the Duluth Police Department can continue to connect with the community in positive ways.

If you are able to take the survey, you can do so online. All you have to do is scroll down to the link that takes you to the survey. If you are worried about anonymity, the survey does not ask for any of your personal information.

While you are taking the survey, you can also leave a compliment or a complaint, as well as read the Duluth Police Department's mission statement, which states their goal is "to provide a safe Duluth for all by strengthening relationships and serving in a respectful, caring and selfless manner."

On the topic of the Duluth Police Department, it has already been quite the year for strange crimes. In mid-January, a Duluth man killed four of his roommate's animals. The roomie had four ferrets and the man has been charged with four counts of gross misdemeanor animal cruelty.

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