Four years ago Dexters mom and dad discovered a bump on his head and after several Doctors visits they found out the horrible news. Dexter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and they had found at least 15 solid tumors

Dexter was only seven years old when he was diagnosed, and last April they were told there is no cure. But this close knit family vowed to fight and give Dexter the best life possible. Dexter decided against debilitating treatments and chose to live his life to the fullest, so he put together a wish list or a bucket list as you would.

One of the things on this list was a grand family dinner "Fit for a King." Dr. Ahmad Hazem from Essentia Health set up the dinner at the Kitchi Gammi Club and used his shiny corvette to escort Dexter and his family to the dinner along with a police escort from the Duluth Police Department.

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