Last month Dexter Ojeda and his family had a dinner 'fit for a king' along with a police escort from the Duluth Police Department as apart of his bucket list. Now he adds being a star in a movie!

Dexter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and last year his family found out unfortunate news that there is no cure. That didn't slow Dexter down as he made a bucket list of everything he wanted to do. Item number 9 on the list, was to star in a horror film.

My long time friend Brandon Cole who is the man behind Death Calm Studios was approached by fellow movie writer and producer Dale R. Bottom about Dexter's story. Brandon knew he had to do something to help Dexter cross off another item on the list.

Brandon met with Dexter and his family almost immediately to discus ideas and gather information like Dexter's favorite things and movies (which is 'Saw' by the way), what kind of movie he wanted to star in and how he wanted his character to be.

Death Calm teamed up with Crazy Horse Booking Agency, ran  by CW Bearshield and brought 'Bring Them To Me' to life. The premiere will be on Friday March 23rd, 2018 at UMD's Marshall Performing Arts Center (1215 Ordean Ct, Duluth, Minnesota 55812).  The event is free and the cast and crew will be available for any questions and pictures following the screening.

Brandon said the best thing about the project was not only helping a boy fulfill an item on his bucket list, but to see an entire community rally in support. So many local businesses helped by donating resources and he couldn't be more proud of the outcome of this project. The entire film was shot over a week in February.  So go out Friday night in support of Dexter and check out Death Calm's latest project.



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