Many of us have driven around with at least a break light out, because they are hard to notice . But a headlight or blinker light can be just as dangerous if it burns out as well.  The Duluth Police Department has teamed up with "Lights On!" A Program of Microgrants that are offered to Law Enforcement agencies all over the country.

So as of right now If you get pulled over for break light, or headlight that is out instead of a fix it ticket the officer will actually give you a voucher that is good for 60 days you can use to get your burned out bulb for your car replaced for free! The lights that apply are headlights, taillights, brake light or turn signal.

The benefits of this program according to the "Lights On Program" is as follows:

  • Safer cars on the road
  • IMproved police and community relations
  • A positive path for low-income drivers
  • Less police stress
  • A new approach to societal problems

For more information on this program click here!

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