Yesterday morning the clean up crews were dispatched through out the city of Duluth to clean up graffiti. The Duluth Police Department has been taking notes the last few weeks on areas where they have spotted the graffiti to help organize the clean up day.

According to WDIO along with the Duluth Police Department, Fire Department, Park Rangers and a slew of volunteers, they were able to cover up some of the unsightly graffiti that is all over building, bridges and over passes around the city.

Duluth Police Department Support Staff Person Kathy Pederson said there were a few areas where the graffiti was very concentrated like on the Oliver Bridge, which they covered up with brown paint, and the East Hillside neighborhood. Other volunteers used special wipes to clean stop signs and fire hydrants.

Even though some of the graffiti was not of a vulgar nature, but was  flowers Pederson said it still can make residents and visitors uneasy to see it. She went on to say most people first impressions when they see graffiti is that things are not being taken care of and that is not the impression anyone wants to have for our city.

The Duluth Parks and Recreation Department also takes part in graffiti clean up year round.

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