This past Saturday the Duluth Police Foundation hosted the first ever Super Heroes all you can eat Waffle Breakfast at Clyde Iron Works. The Duluth Police Foundation is a Non Profit Organization and "it's mission is to create partnerships which funds and supports community safety initiatives, technology, and training for the Police Department and citizens of Duluth, to keep Duluth a safe and inviting city for all."

According to the Duluth Police Department Facebook Page they had served over 450 people at the event and was an amazing yet unexpected large turnout. One of the people at the event was a young man named Jeremiah who was there with his family.

During the breakfast Jeremiah began to choke on a waffle pointing at this throat, his family members tried desperately to help him by using the heimlich maneuver but nothing was working. then suddenly Lieutenant Jazdzewski stepped in to assist. He called out for an ambulance and proceeded to do the heimlich maneuver on jeremiah. Just before the paramedics arrived the waffle finally came loose and Jeremiah was able to breath normally!

What a scary experience for Jeremiah and his family, but they were fortunate to be surrounded by Duluth's finest who are trained for these kind of emergency's. Glad to know Jeremiah is ok and Thank You Lieutenant Jazdzewski for your quick thinking and heimlich skills.

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