The Duluth Police have been getting complaints about the fireworks being shot off late at night, sometimes during the day.

In a press conference, the Duluth Police Department said they will be addressing the problem this summer by issuing citations for violations of Minnesota State Statutes and City Ordinances. So if you think it is fun to shoot them off when everyone has gone to sleep, you better think again.

In a press release, last year firework complaints nearly tripled to over 600 from 2019. The other problem most people don't think about is high crime areas hear the sounds and think it sound like gunshots and scares the individual or makes their dogs go crazy. The Duluth Police say if they commit to writing a citation that people will stop shooting them off late hours. Right now there is no fear of consequence.

Loud bangs also invoke PTSD episodes and can also negatively impact infants and young children, and as I mentioned before, pets. So, the DPD says the new citations will result in a $1000 fine or up to 90 days in jail.

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The Duluth Fire Department reminds the public that if they chose to use fireworks, to make sure that they are legal and to be in open areas away from structures and trees. In Minnesota, fireworks that explode or shoot into the air are considered illegal. While items like sparklers and novelty items like party poppers and snakes are legal. That might end someone in jail for not paying attention to what is legal.

The Duluth Fire and Police Departments encourage the public to come to Bayfront Park to see the show put on by professionals instead of creating their firework show at home. They reminded people that many injuries occur when people are putting on little shows and don't use caution.

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