The Duluth Police Department has issued a SCAM ALERT: The DPD have been receiving reports that scammers are calling and identifying themselves as current Duluth police officers. If a scammer gets in touch with the person they are trying to contact, they tell the victim there is an outstanding warrant for them because they did not show up for jury duty.

The scam victim victim is then told to come to the police department to sign an affidavit, but they do not give the actual address of the DPD. The goal of these phone scammers  is to find a victim who is unavailable to sign an affidavit in person that day, so they will then ask for the victim to pay a fine over the phone.

These calls are very convincing as the scammers have set up a caller ID number similar to the Duluth Police Department and are using current officer's names." Please note, the DPD would never call and demand money. If you ever receive a call like this hang up immediately and report it to 911. If you are the victim of financial loss because of this or any scam, call 911 immediately to file a report."


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