According to the DNT Xu who is an engineer with Cirrus soon realized after he moved here from Shanghai that there had to be a way to keep your legs warm that was as convenient as putting on and taking off a jacket.

Xu found long underwear to be to warm to wear under his clothes and regular snow pants were to bulky. His co-workers were not much help when he asked how to keep your legs warm as they responded "walk fast." He also knew he wanted a pair of pants that you could slip on and off while standing and not have to take your shoes off either and that is how "Pants on Pants" was born.

After more than a year of designing and testing he finally has a product that  is warm and easy to take on and off, and come in a variety of sizes for men and w

omen. He even has a kickstarter campaign which has appealed to not only people in the U.S. but also in Iceland and Norway.

To see how the pants work, CLICK HERE

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