One Duluth Restaurant made it on to the list of 'Best Minnesota Restaurants With Fries So Good, They Should Be The Main Course'.

The website is at again with another food related list, this time involving french fries. I'm not a big french fry guy, so I usually give them to my wife or the kids. However I will have to agree with the one Duluth restaurant that made the list.

Out of 11 restaurants in Minnesota with amazing fries, Big Daddy's Burgers came in at fourth. Here's what the site had to say about them:

At a place that touts its burgers as the best in Duluth, you would expect the fires to be top-notch as well. The homemade fries at Big Daddy's Burgers are the perfect crispy, fried accompaniment to their equally delicious burgers

Let me know if you think any other Duluth restaurant fries should have made the list in the comments. Here are all the restaurants that made the list:

  1. Twin City Grill - Bloomington
  2. Red Stag Supper Club - Minneapolis
  3. Cafe Barbette - Minneapolis
  4. Big Daddy's - Duluth
  5. Meritage - St. Paul
  6. Annie's Parlour - Minneapolis
  7. Muddy Waters - Minneapolis
  8. Neato's - St. Paul
  9. Butcher & The Boar - Minneapolis
  10. Val's Rapid Serve - St. Cloud
  11. Red Cow - St. Paul

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