Who doesn't love Target? It has anything and everything you could ever need and then some. The store just keeps getting better too with the announcement of a brand new addition coming soon to all Target stores, including the Duluth location.

Of course, they recently did a major upgrade to this location which included the addition of an Ulta store inside, a remodel, a larger Starbucks area and a new liquor store. During the pandemic, they also added some new options to make things easier, including curbside pickup.

Now, they are taking the whole curbside thing one step further! Soon, customers will be able to not only pick things up while staying put in their car but return things as well. According to a press release from the store, they tested this in a few markets and it was successful so now they are rolling it out nationwide.

Curbside returns will be available in some stores by spring and by nearly all stores by later this summer. The same return policy applies to curbside returns, which allows new and unopened items to be returned for a full refund within ninety days.

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There will be no charge for returning anything curbside. Target cites convenience as the reason for bringing this to stores nationwide, stating that those with kids or those that are unable to easily make the return inside will have the option to stay in their car and save time.

In case you missed it, it was also announced recently that you can also order Starbucks and your curbside pickup at the same time. I love this idea but I also think it is making my whole coffee and shopping habit a little too easy. Ha!

Target has been making quite a few changes over the past few years. In fact, it is hard to remember a time when it didn't offer curbside pickup or same-day delivery! They have definitely rolled with the punches and seemingly come out on top with a new and efficient way of doing things.

Target stores also initiated another major change during the pandemic: staying closed on Thanksgiving day rather than open for those that want to kick off Black Friday early. They started this during the pandemic and after the fact, said they were making it a regular thing.

Duluth has a Target store, by the way, located across from the Miller Hill Mall.

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