In the world of news reporting, it's important to check your facts. After the local news media buzz about the pillar next to Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum (or "The Cribs") disappearing from the Canal Park Shoreline of Lake Superior earlier this winter, someone decided to capitalize on the buzz and have a little fun with Photoshop and fool some people; including one TV news department.

The Twin Ports blog PerfectDuluthDay posted an image of The Cribs with the headline "Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum Sinking". Below the photo, they suggest that the Duluth landmark is on a path toward a watery fate below the surface of Lake Superior. While some people call out the blog post in the comments section, calling it a fake, others fell for the Photoshop job of the picture. After a little research, the original was found, showing a drastically different image than the one posted by the blog.

Screenshot -
Screenshot -

Well, the news department at FOX 21 TV in Duluth apparently saw the post on Perfect Duluth Day, and decided to report on how the landmark is sinking into the lake on the same day the photo was posted on the PDD blog (Note: none of the other media outlets in town filed a similar report - makes you wonder why, no?). In the story they shared on their website, they make it sound as though it might vanish as soon as this summer, saying "[It] won't make for a very good jumping off spot for swimmers this summer".

What's particularly interesting about the report is that they sent a cameraperson to get video of the landmark for their story, but they apparently didn't realize that the video doesn't look anything like the photo from which they likely got the inspiration for the story.

UPDATE: 3/13/15 4:00 pm: Perfect Duluth Day contributor confirms they are behind the hoax, further wonders why FOX 21 has yet to retract the story or offer a correction. 

Does this mean the structure actually isn't sinking slowly? It very well could be - but VERY slowly, if at all. The truth of the matter is that it looks today very much like it has looked for many years. Don't worry Duluthians, tourists, and local news teams, it doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon; despite some people saying it might be.

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