The City of Duluth announced a new branding and tourism marketing campaign, including the new tagline "Love It Like We Do", which will be used to promote the city moving forward.

The new branding and campaign were unveiled by the Duluth Tourism Collaborative, consisting of the City of Duluth, Visit Duluth and the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC), in partnership with Bellmont Partners and Lawrence & Schiller.

According to a press release issued Monday, the campaign highlights off-the-beaten-path attractions, notable landmarks, and outdoor adventures with the goal of not only bringing new travelers to Duluth but to encourage them to stay longer and explore the the city’s unique districts. The campaign features photography of real Duluthians and travelers, capturing the people, the pace and the place of the city.

Photo captured by Josh_Kowaleski / Used Courtesy of The Duluth Tourism Collaborative
Photo Josh Kowaleski / Courtesy of The Duluth Tourism Collaborative

This was done because industry trends show many travelers want to experience destinations like locals, immersing themselves in a destination’s unique, more authentic offerings. This sentiment, combined with a desire to showcase local pride, has inspired Duluth’s new tourism marketing campaign, “Love It Like We Do,” which was introduced to the city’s tourism industry leaders and travel audiences this spring.

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The campaign has already made its debut in key markets, featuring a new logo, photography, videography, and a paid media strategy to inspire travel to Duluth.

Courtesy of The Duluth Tourism Collaborative
Courtesy of The Duluth Tourism Collaborative

The Duluth Tourism Collaborative says the city’s new logo is designed to be more inclusive, modern, unexpected and gives a nod to the north through incorporating a northern star, aligning with the new City of Duluth flag. The blue color and additional palette of greens, purples and earth tones used in the campaign are based on the colors found throughout Duluth.

To guide the campaign direction and determine the target markets and audiences, tourism experts conducted research to learn more about the strengths, challenges and opportunities for Duluth tourism, including discovery sessions with stakeholders, a visitor survey of 1,200 respondents from 10 states and two Canadian provinces, an industry survey of Duluth residents and industry members, and various meetings with local groups and associations.

Photo captured by L&S / Used courtesy of The Duluth Tourism Collaborative
Photo by L&S / Courtesy of The Duluth Tourism Collaborative

A competitive analysis was also conducted of locations with similar offerings, including Wisconsin Dells, Mackinac Island, Boulder, Co., and Lake of the Ozarks.

“I am thrilled to share the new branding and marketing campaign with industry members and the general public,” Mayor Emily Larson said. “This new campaign speaks to our pride of place, why we love Duluth and why we think others will, too. This new look feels both dramatically different and very familiar and I am excited for visitors to discover it, and discover us.”

In addition to sharing the campaign elements and timing, the Tourism Collaborative announced a page on the Visit Duluth website where industry representatives can access the brand standards, logo, and photography, for their own marketing needs.

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