Some wild things have been happening over the past few years in regards to the supernatural and now we have another UFO sighting to add to the list.

Last year, a Minnesota man claimed he heard a supernatural noise while taking his dog for a walk in the woods. He was videotaping himself when he heard the noise and then shared the sighting on a Bigfoot fan page.

Last summer, a man from Wisconsin claimed he saw Bigfoot on the side of the road over the summer. He was so certain of it that he sent a family member back to the scene of the crime to see for himself!

An Eveleth native also captured something questionable on video, which is another spooky thing that has happened recently. The video shows a light darting across the sky just over the tree line. This is spooky stuff.

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Now, another Northlander has come forward regarding a spooky UFO sighting. The sighting was just posted to the National UFO Reporting Center but the sighting itself actually occurred in January of this year.

According to the person who reported the sighting, everything happened in Duluth. The report says that it happened in the daylight. The UFO-type creature is described as "a black object low in the sky that was round with two points." Hmmmm.

The sighting happened just before 5 p.m. The person who saw the UFO, who posted the sighting anonymously, said they were driving from Duluth to Superior taking I-35 South. They were heading up to the Bong Bridge entrance ramp, according to their post, when they saw something right in front of them.

They went on to say that it was low in the sky and a black round object with two points on it, as mentioned previously. They say the object was moving slowly and the entire sighting only lasted about twenty seconds or so because they were driving and had to keep moving.

Another interesting tidbit? The reporting party says that they found a video online that shows a similar thing to what they saw in the sky earlier in the day. The sighting took place on or around a Navy Ship that someone said was surrounded by UFOs.

It is not known what exact video the person is referring to but a quick search on the internet shows a recent story from 2021. The leaked video involves a navy ship in San Diego and a possible UFO circling around it. The video below is courtesy of the Today Show.

There have been many sightings like this over the years and they seem to be picking up frequency as well. There have been crazy videos of said sightings that are hard to dispute, including a recent video out of Kansas.

If you are into spooky things like this, you will love to know that there is a big UFO connection in Northern Minnesota. The story behind it is absolutely amazing and would be worth a road trip for sure!

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