The 4th Street Market & Deli in Downtown Duluth closed up shop February of 2017 and it looks like it has just been purchased by the American Indian Community Housing Organization.

The shop is located at 102 East Fourth Street and closed its door due to unpaid rent back in 2017. Plus, there was a standoff on who should be responsible for building repairs that didn't help matters at all. On a side note, someone did win $25,000 a year for life by purchasing a Lucky For Life ticket at the market in September of 2016.

According to the DNT, the AICHO announced that they will plan a community open house to reveal their plans for the market. However, they did write something interesting on their Facebook page:

Our plans are many: yes a Market, yes Taco Tuesday, but much much more!

I'm super curious on the much much more part. I'm just glad someone has purchased it, because it was a great grocery option for those that live in the Central Hillside area. I will update when more plans are revealed.

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