If you need lunch or dinner plans today why not stop by Chipotle in Duluth where they will donate 50% of your order to Animal Allies.

Today, Wednesday May 17th is EAT FOR A CHANGE. If you'd like to help, visit Chipotle at 1600 Miller Trunk Hwy from 10:45AM -10:00PM Today and 50% of your order will go towards a fundraiser for Animal Allies.

If you do not have the flyer or have it on your phone be sure to tell the cashier that you would like 50% of the proceeds from your order to go to Animal Allies. What a great way to satisfy your hunger and to know that you are helping out so many homeless dogs and cats in the process.

Make sure to tell all your friends, family members and co-workers about this fantastic event that is so easy to be a part of!


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