You have been hearing a lot about Merry Kiss Cam, the romantic comedy Christmas movie that was filmed in Duluth earlier this year! We have been learning about it since crews rolled into town over six months ago through this moment, when the movie is finally out for the world to see.

The film started shooting in May and crews and stars were spotted all over the Duluth area! The movie's lead is Katie Lowes, from shows like Scandal and Inventing Anna on Netflix. She went shopping downtown and even bought some candy at a local shop for the cast and crew.

Aside from the movie filming in the area, there were also casting calls for awhile, looking for locals to take part in supporting and background roles! It was an exciting time and the buzz grew bigger as we got closer to the holiday season.

Finally, we learned that the movie would be dropping on Thanksgiving on Hulu, which is a streaming service with a massive audience! The film is about a couple who meet and go on their first date to a hockey game, which leads to them being on the kiss cam and falling in love.

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We all watched the film as soon as it came out because how could we not watch a movie filmed right outside the station? Before I had the chance to watch, I saw a lot of chatter online and in person about one particular part of the film.

People were very curious as to one scene in which the star's lead eats some fresh snow off a mailbox in downtown Duluth! People were curious as to why this was included in the movie, especially because we definitely do not eat snow in Duluth, especially off a mailbox.

I figured out why this was included though and it's not just for a fun and quirky scene! Shortly after Katie Lowes' character eats snow, she gets in a cab and at one point, looks out the window and sees the other main character standing outside a bar. He then proceeds to eat snow off a different mailbox!

Many thought they were simply playing into Minnesota stereotypes with the snow-eating scenes. People that aren't from Minnesota probably think we live in a tundra and do those sorts of things but I don't think that is what the movie was aiming for.

Hear me out: I think the film put the snow-eating scene in there as a way to show that these two are soulmates and meant to be! Katie's character, named Jess Wolfe in the movie, isn't from Duluth and moved their for her late partner. As someone who isn't from Duluth or the cold, she didn't grow up here used to it, meaning she does some fun things now when she sees snow - like eat it off the mailbox!

When she sees Danny Carmody Jr. eating snow outside of his pub in the movie, she realizes they share the same quirk and are meant to be! It is him eating snow that convinces her to get out of her cab and go into the bar and meet him. It isn't about making fun of Minnesota but showing these two are soulmates with the same quirks.

See? I loved the movie. I think the acting was good, it was beautifully shot and in terms of Christmas movies, it was a cut above the rest. You can stream it now and it might even melt your cold heart like it did mine.

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