One of the best reality shows ever is back on your television screen and a cool part is that it has a Minnesota connection!

If you love reality television, you have likely heard about Summer House. It is a show on Bravo that features a group of young and beautiful people who shack up together in a fancy house in the Hamptons every summer.

Of course, drama always ensues over the course of the summer. There is drama, relationship problems, hurt feelings, pool parties and just about everything else you can imagine. The show has become a big hit over the past few years.

The cast has also changed over the years, with the exception of a core crew that has stayed the same over the years. One of the newer cast members is named Luke Gulbranson and lucky for us, he is from right here in the Northland.

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He has been on the show the past few seasons and therefore, has cemented himself as a mainstay cast member. He is a proud Eveleth native who is always sharing his love for Minnesota and the Northland whenever he gets the chance.

Over the years, he has often shared photos of beautiful Minnesota scenery, whether he is out on the lake or just spending time with his family. He spends quite a bit of time in Minnesota when he's not in New York or California.

Last summer, he returned to Eveleth and brought some of his fellow reality stars with him! He spent the fourth of July holiday in the town, documenting everything on social media and giving love to his hometown. He even brought cast members from another hit Bravo show along with him, which made for many excited residents.

One of those fellow members of the Bravo world documented said adventures on Instagram, name dropping Minnesota in the caption:

It is not everyday that you have a gaggle of reality stars walking the streets of a small Northern Minnesota town. At the time, many happy fans shared photos with the crew, who all happily posed for selfies and pictures with fans.

Needless to say, we are excited to have Luke back on our screens again! He always talks about Minnesota on the show and sometimes, he even gets some flack for his Minnesota tendencies.

On one episode which aired last year, all cast members had to turn their room in the house into a place, since they were stuck in the house filming during the pandemic. Luke turned his room into a Minnesota-themed spot and was made fun of the whole episode for it. Ha!

Luke is also an actor, who has been in big hits like The Flight Attendant. He is also a model and has his own jewelry company, which was inspired by the Northland. I can't wait to see him on this season of Summer House!

Summer House airs Monday nights on Bravo. The season premiere was Monday (January 17th) and it was incredibly juicy. By the way, Luke was also on a spin-off of the show last year called Winter House. If you haven't watched that, I would highly recommend it.

Minnesota has really been getting some time in the spotlight lately when it comes to the silver screen. The most recent season of The Bachelorette was filmed in Minnesota for about a month and was the backdrop for a good part of the season. Plus, the leading lady was from the Twin Cities area.

Minnesota seems to be on the minds of those outside of the reality television genre as well. On the hit show 9-1-1, writers are constantly making jokes about Minnesota and feeding into Minnesota stereotypes. Why? Because one of the characters on the show is from the state.

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