It looks like Minnesota will be getting a little taste of fame over the next few months: an Eveleth native is set to appear on a popular reality show for a second season!

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You may recognize Luke Gulbranson if you are a big fan of reality television, especially Bravo's famous hit Summer House. In case you don't know, the show follows a group of tight-knit friends who spend each summer in the Hamptons. There is always fighting and love triangles and it is good, mindless television.

Last season, Luke was a new addition to the show and friend group and made quite a name for himself on the show. Well, another season just premiered this month on the channel and he is a cast member once again! This means we will get to see not only Minnesota represented on screen but northern Minnesota which is pretty cool.

Last season, he spoke a bit about his Minnesota roots. In fact, he started dating one of the girls in the house and it was a big storyline that he was going to bring her to Minnesota to meet his family. She never went but it looks like this will continue to be a storyline this season.

In May of last year, the reality star was documenting his time back home in the Northland. He is from Eveleth and often shares photos on his social media pages fishing and hanging out one one of our many lakes.

Maybe we will get more shout outs on television this season!

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