While the days of physical discs for music and movies are slowly going away, Facebook has decided to make it easier to offer the gift of a digital album, movie, or game to anyone on your shopping list if you also happen to be friends on the social network.

The age of digital gift giving on Facebook arrived back in September, and a big addition as a result of a partnership with Apple will allow friends to gift movies, songs, albums, games and other iTunes content to anyone they have a connection with on Facebook.


Users can gift individual songs or albums, movies, games, or apps to anyone in their social network. The generic "gift card" option is also available; so if you aren't sure what someone would like, you can buy them an iTunes credit of $10, $15, $25, or $50 so they can get whatever their heart desires.

The new gift-giving option certainly makes it easier to give certain types of gifts and takes the cost of shipping out of the equation for family and friends you would otherwise mail gifts to. On the other hand, the excitement of opening a physical package to see the shiny new CD, DVD, or Blu-ray also goes by the wayside if you decide to go this route.

Is this new option just a convenient extension of the gift-giving spirit, or does it strip away the charm and personalization of wrapping a gift and allowing the recipient to tear into it to find out what's inside?

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