According to Kristi Pink, a dietitian at the University of Minnesota, fair food can be unhealthy for you? Really, wow ground breaking stuff.  No offense Kristi but, that  is the main reason most people go to a fair is to eat all of the delicious food that is not good for you. I don't do rides, so that is my fun at the fair. Here is a breakdown of some favorites, so just make sure you do plenty of walking that day to burn off those calories!

• Pronto Pup: 350 calories, 18g fat, 6g saturated fat

• Cheese Curds: 759 calories, 39g, 15g saturated fat

• Giant Turkey Leg: 1,136 calories, 54g fat, 19g saturated fat


Wow, good thing I don't like the Turkey Leg....I will just stick to the cheese curds. :)