MMMM everybody's favorite food fest, the Fair! It may be in your hometown or the famous Great Minnesota get together in  St. Paul . Either way it is the time to to gorge on food that is bad for you, but you can only get once a year.

Do you like how I justify this? I am writing this as a fairly tongue and cheek type of blog, at the end of the day adults know what food is good for you and what is bad, but you don't eat like that all the time right?

Let's see cheese curds, deep fried snickers.... bad, apples and pickles on a stick good. No kidding. But this article I came across from ABC NEWS actually had some foods listed that I was surprised at how bad they were for you. One of the items on the list is Funnel Cakes, yep no surprise but so delicious. Once you read how many calories some of these treats have, you may opt for another choice, Luckily they have that list for you as well.

With how much you walk around during the average fair, if you plan it out right you may be able to burn off all the calories you consumed for the day, eat smart and no guilt. P.S. I love cheese curds if you happen to get an extra order of 'em. :)

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