A woman named Brittney Rae has posted a video on Tik Tok that has gone viral which usually is a pretty cool thing, but for her she has more haters leaving comments than people being on her side.

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Many of us have attended weddings and for some you may have even been a bridesmaid which usually means you don't have much say about your dress. Generally all of you have the same style of dress whether you like it or not. I for one have seen some real winners, but of course kept my mouth closed, it's not for me to say anything either way.

Thankfully it seems that the giant bows above the bridesmaid backside seem to be a thing of the past, just like other fashion choices form the 80's. According to The Independent Brittney's sister was the bride and some followers said she seemed like she was trying to upstage the bride by altering her dress. But she claims that all of the bridesmaids had a different style of dress, the only thing was the dress had to be green. So she did not see anything wrong with making it her own personal style.

Here are some of the comments posted on her Tik Tok account:

"You would be taken out of my bridal party if you did this to the dress I picked for you."

“Did the bride give you permission? Then fine, great job. But if she didn’t, the wedding isn’t yours or about how you look,” someone else commented.

Another said: “I am going to say this… her wedding is not about you!”

But her sister also left a comment: “Hi bride here. They picked their own dresses in green. I LOVE what she did to her dress.”

If this was your wedding would you be upset that one of your bridesmaids altered her dress? I mean she did pay $300 for it and will most likely only wear it once ,so I guess she is entitled to make any adjustments that she sees fit. If all the bridesmaids had different dresses I guess I personally would not be upset.

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