A 15 year old boy flying out of Phoenix fell asleep on a plane and ended up in St. Louis. The problem, he was headed to Tulsa.  He put on his headphones and fell asleep through the  announcement, landing and take off waking up in St. Louis! If that is not bad enough he had no money and no phone, and when he got off the plane and asked a security guard for help  he said he could not do anything. So he called 911 and they told him they were not a taxi service. Real nice. Thankfully a Good Samaritan helped the kid out and he finally got to his destination 24 hours later. The airline has promised to reimburse the cost of his ticket.  I have flown by myself many times, and maybe that is why I am never able to fall asleep? Nope, that's not it. I always get stuck to the person who wants to chat the whole time and be my best friend *sigh*

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