It is confirmed 4th of July Fireworks will be returning to Bayfront Festival Park this year! The Duluth City council passed the vote for the $50,000 allocated for the fireworks display. The city of Duluth along with the DECC will work together to ensure that all COVID-19 protocols are being followed to ensure the safety of all spectators down at Bayfront.

Kate Van Daele is the public information officer for the city of Duluth and spoke with FOX21 saying:

We would encourage people to come up, we would encourage our residents to be able to do what they want to do responsibly, and go with their favorite spot in Duluth if that’s not Bayfront.  But again, I think this is a great way to celebrate not only the birthday of our country, but also to celebrate moving forward from COVID-19.

Current state guidelines limit the size of the crowd that would be allowed at Bayfront, but there is a lot of time between now and July where guidance could change.

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According to the DECC the current state guidelines for crowd size at a place like Bayfront Festival Park is 2,500 people not seated or 5,000 seated which most everyone is (seated) for the fireworks. The average Bayfront can hold is 15,000 people. So, if you and the family want to watch the fireworks at Bayfront you need to get there extra early, but leaving should not be as much of a log jam with a much smaller amount of people being allowed in the park.

The beauty of Duluth is the fact that you have quite the variety of vantage points to watch the fireworks versus just at Bayfront Festival Park. I must say in years past I have to give credit to some people who were sitting in chairs on a pretty steep slope on the hillside. Good for them, it was a great view but knowing me I would have gone rolling down the hill.

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