Duluth Skyline Rotary, Duluth Rotary Club 25, Harbortown Rotary, and Superior Rotary Club 40 were all a part of a partnership that donated 40 ARM- LOCs devices costing $16,000 to the Duluth Police and Fire Departments, Superior Police Department, and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Each year rescue crews are called for a number of water and ice emergencies and this life saving tool could make all the difference. A Duluth company called Water Rescue Innovations actually created the ARM-LOC.

Duluth Fire Chief Krizaj told CBS3 “It looks kind of like a big arm floatie that you see for kids. You slide it on and it’s not inflated, it has a Co2 cartridge in there, we just pull a rip-cord and it automatically inflates… it literally locks onto your arm and it’s impossible to get off. It’s very useful for a lot of things. We can start a rescue from shore, we can attach it to a patient and use it as a flotation device."

Marisa Conley with Duluth Skyline Rotary said " The Rotary Clubs wanted to make this happen because in the Northland, there is water everywhere… and there will be plenty of people needing rescue." A Big Thank you to all the Rotary Clubs for their awesome donation which can help keep people in our community and tourists safe.


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