According to a large portion of the state has many different haunted sights and sounds, but have you ever heard of some of these places before? * DISCLAIMER* Please note that all of these hauntings are alleged and may or may not be accurate.


  • Photo: Henryk Sadura Via Thinkstock
    Photo: Henryk Sadura Via Thinkstock

    Griggs Hall at UMD

    Griggs Hall on the Campus of UMD is said to have a haunted bathroom. Rumor has it that two ghosts haunt this area and were once students at the school who died of alcohol poisoning and their spirits can be heard moaning, using profane language and a bad smell emanating from that area.

  • Photo: CARLOSVOSS Via Thinkstock
    Photo: CARLOSVOSS Via Thinkstock

    Duluth International Airport

    The airport is reportedly haunted by a woman who was killed on a nearby road. Apparently she has been seen by security, setting off alarms and making doors open and close on their own. People believe she haunts the airport because that is the area the person that killed her ran off too.

  • Photo" Bob Ingelhart Via Thinkstock
    Photo" Bob Ingelhart Via Thinkstock

    Blackwoods Bar and Grill in Two Harbors

    I have actually heard about this "ghost" before from a friend of mine who lived in the area. The story is that this location is believed to be the home of a ghostly lady wearing all white, cold chills happen and disembodied footsteps can be heard.She has been seen sitting in booths and also touching various items of furniture.

  • Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images
    Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Split Rock Lighthouse in Two Harbors

    Apparently in the mid 1980's a man was visiting the lighthouse and when he left he noticed later his wallet was missing. When he went back a gate was up and he could not get back in. Apparently he looked up and saw a man in a lightkeepers uniform on the catwalk. The next day when he returned he was told nobody was in the lighthouse after hours.

  • Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
    Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    Fairlawn Mansion in Superior

    The Fairlawn Mansion was built in 1891 for Superiors three time Mayor Martin Pattison.  In 1918 his wife Grace donated the mansion to become an orphanage. Some of the haunting rumors is the ghost of a murdered servant girl  can be seen in Victorian clothing and will help lost visitors find things in the museum and then disappear into thin air. Also the ghosts of two young girls has been reported in the basement playing near the swimming pool. People have said they experience a cold, damp chill in the air whenever the ghost of the servant girl is present. After hours, lights have been seen in the windows on the upper floor. Faces have been seen peering out the windows, and a  figure has been seen in the tower.


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