Megan McGarvey and Katie Lindow are both recent graduates of the University of Wisconsin Superior and worked together on a documentary about UWS called "Outsourced: The New Wisconsin Idea " which premieres on Amazon Prime on Saturday October 31.

McGarvey had to say this about the documentary:

What we wanted was to bring people who were in the heart of this event and really make a time capsule of the event and show them what the experience was. Hey, if you’re an administrator and you’re thinking of taking this course of action, this is the collateral damage that you will come across. This is what might happen.

The premise of the documentary shows protests, video from meetings on campus and media coverage of the elimination of certain classes and programs at the University back in 2017 when both women were Seniors at the school.

Even though it has been three years since the cuts were made both women agree this problem is still relevant today, as these same steps are being taken at Universities all across the country. This is not just a problem facing UWS. Apparently faculty at the University did attempt to retool some of the programs, but for many students it was to late.

Both McGarvey and Lindow agree that UWS is a fantastic institution and a great place to get an education.  Like any other place of learning students must learn that they have to actively participate in programs or they will be taken away and possibly never come back again.

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They describe this documentary as type of love letter to UWS, that with the education they received they were able to put this documentary together with just a few computers a little bit of money and a lot of passion. Both have received a lot of feedback about the film, but they are most proud of the reactions that they have gotten from others who were in the documentary and have said they did it justice, which is all they can try to do.

Now both are content that their film can be seen by a national audience and there is where it will stay. They are planning on starting work on a new film for a studio in Duluth after they celebrate the initial showing of their film tomorrow. Best of luck on your new film, it will be exciting to see what they come up with next.

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